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Friday Links 4/19/19, Bad Bots and Bad Laws


Well, it’s not exactly Skynet, but that doesn’t mean that robots aren’t already taking over. Bad bots now constitute 37.9% of all web traffic. And that number, as you might imagine, is accelerating. Hard cases make bad law, as they say.  Daphne Keller of the Stanford Center for Internet and Society on why Australia’s response to the Christchurch massacre does not create the right incentives...

Why I’m Doing This


A year ago, I was listening to a Sam Harris podcast with Sean Carroll, a physicist from MIT. Sean Carroll told a story that resonated with me, and it served as the inspiration for starting this site.  He recalled a moment when he was having dinner with one of his mentors in graduate school. At the dinner, his mentor made a comment along the lines of, “I assume that everyone here is working...

Friday Links 4/12/19


I’m going to have to start posting these links more than once a week if I want to keep up with all the bad EU tech regulations coming out. Here’s Mike Masnick of TechDirt providing a blow-by-blow of the new EU terrorist regulation. This new law requires all sites, anywhere in the world, regardless of how small or lacking in resources, to take down all objectionable content within one hour or face...

Just Do Something, Volume I


Pointing out other people’s flaws is easy to do.   Pointing out the flaws of our leaders is probably a tradition as old as our species. Our governments, our institutions, and our laws—they’re imperfect. Wherever you live, this is invariably true. It is not so easy, however, to make government better. You have to coordinate a coalition of people who think like you do. That coalition has to be...

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