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Legal scholar Cass Sunstein once said, “[t]echnological debates are singularly ill-suited for democratic resolution.”

But whether we like or not, debates about technology are now everywhere, and necessarily so. Even if we know that debates about technology are not well-suited for democratic resolution, they are now inescapable and thus invariably subject to the vicissitudes of democratic processes.

With the growth of social media, tech monopolies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and even virtual reality, there seems to be a growing sense that we must do more to regulate technology. But what? And how?

I’ve come to believe that answering these questions correctly is the most important problem in the law.

Few tech policy debates will have easy resolutions, but I’m hopeful we can do a better job in these conversations if more people are informed on the key issues. That’s my motivation for launching this site. I think there is nowhere near enough informed discussion on the proper role of technology policy in the law, particularly in the private sector. As a lawyer who has worked with hundreds of technology companies, I’m seeing the divide between tech companies, academics, pundits, and regulators grow wider. That can’t be a good thing.

The goal of this site is to provide an informed, plain-language, public-facing forum for the best ideas and research on issues of tech policy. And to track the development of tech regulations in the United States and around the world.

I welcome any feedback or tips on discussion topics or any relevant issues. 


This site is written primarily by Kieran McCarthy, an attorney based in Colorado, founder of the law firm McCarthy Garber Law, LLC.

After graduating from Duke Law in 2006, Kieran spent six years working for Gibson Dunn, one of the top-ranked law firms in the world. He then opened up his own boutique practice that provides legal strategy, guidance, and consulting on a wide range of issues related to technology, tech policy, and startups.

Before going to law school, Kieran worked as an English teacher in Barcelona and as a freelance writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Reader,, the All-Music Guide,, and others. His undergraduate background is in philosophy.

Tech Law Policy Blog Tracking the Most Important Research and Developments in Tech Law & Policy

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